On behalf of our clients and employees, I would like to thank you for the transforming education and guidance that MAP has provided to Emplicity in the past 10 years. Since attending the 3-day management workshop, the principles, tools and emphasis on vital factors have transformed our company from a small start-up to a regional HR powerhouse with approximately $75 million in payroll and 2,500 worksite employees under management.

By requiring every VP-level executive and HR Coaches to attend your 3-day executive development program, we have made the MAP management program our number 1 tool in leadership and management effectiveness. We have seen significant strides in management accountability, performance and overall company growth in excess of 26% year over year.

In our mission to make employee management simple, we continue to profess and share the gospel of Vital Factors to our clients and employees and have always seen positive feedback and results from the referrals we have made to your organization.


Vic Tanon
Chief Eimplicity Officer