This letter is way past due. I would like to thank you and the MAP organization for providing our executives with a formal leadership program that immediately impacts on-the-job performance!

First American Title has sent over 50 of our directors, vice-presidents and senior vice-presidents to MAP since 2002. The reason we continue to send our leaders to MAP is because of the positive behavioral changes we see immediately upon their return from the program.

The combination of formal leadership training, along with the focus on their 360 feedback from the work environment, the interaction with other participants in similar leadership roles from other companies, and the high quality of former business leaders you have facilitating the program are a winning formula in our book!

Not only do the participants come back excited about the experience and ready to implement what they have learned, but the feedback from their peers and managers is the best indication that MAP has benefited the company by improving their ability to manage for results. Here are some comments from our executives who participated in MAP:

“I was expecting to attend a management training program, but MAP was more focused on overall leadership development and that exceeded my expectations.”

“I learned to mentor people rather than solve their problems for them.”

“It helped to give me a different perspective on how I manage others by talking to the issue and not the person.”

“The content was great – they really emphasized the importance of goals and holding yourself and others accountable by tracking and coaching.”

“I learned I don’t need to be the subject matter expert – that I need to manage by goals and controls.”

“I learned to be a more assertive leader – not to beat around the bush or wait for others.”

“The facilitator asked insightful questions and the material was relevant all the time.”

“The program was structured, fast-paced, a full schedule and well organized with specific tools that can be used right away.”

“The most important element for me personally is what I learned about myself and the way I am perceived by my subordinates, peers and boss. It was a great opportunity to explore perceptions and how they relate to the intentions of my actions or behavior.”

“MAP is much better than other training programs I have attended. It is so powerful but simple that following it has let me focus on the important goals rather than the process.”

“I’ve never experienced anything like this before – the session was intense, but phenomenal!”

“MAP has been instrumental in my day to day goals and objectives. It’s motivating!”

“I would recommend the program as a positive experience and chance to learn about oneself, others, and business practices which are sure to improve the way a business is conducted all the way to the bottom line.”

I would readily recommend the MAP program to any organization that is looking to create better leaders focused on results.

Jo Pierce, SPHR
Western Division (CA/HI) HR VP
First American Title