I am pleased to serve as a reference for MAP and your simple yet effective system for establishing accountability within any organization. I attended the MAP 2 ½ day Workshop over 10 years ago. I was impressed by your approach to management which is straightforward, easy to implement, easy to maintain and that guarantees steady, measurable progress toward an organization’s annual goals. We have all attended management workshops that were the latest “fad” with predictable results – there is little useful information and the methodology is seldom implemented. What I like about MAP’s approach is that it is definitely not a fad and I believe that it will stand the test of time.

I have implemented the MAP system in my prior two companies as well as my current company. In addition, I have utilized MAP consultants to assist me in implementing a business plan and strategic plan in 2 of the 3 organizations. As part of this process, I have sent the majority of my senior management (in all organizations) as well as a number of Board members (from my first two organizations) through the 2 ½ day Workshop.

I believe that this investment in MAP has paid big dividends to all three of my companies in helping us to establish better goals and performance measures and to establish a system of accountability that has generated much higher levels of performance.


James P. Agronick
Chief Operations Officer
Greater Newport Physicians Medical Group