Prior to my experience with MAP, I was highly skeptical of the claims that MAP would be a powerful experience providing tools and a philosophy to make a difference to me personally and to my company.

So it is with great enthusiasm I write this letter.

MAP’s process of gathering anonymous information from those that surround me gave me an inner-perspective of how others perceived me. This experience forced me to look in the mirror and see how my business was conducted. This was the starting point for a blueprint on how to improve my effectiveness as a leader and manager.

Furthermore, I came away with understanding the methodology of the MAP Management System of accountability. I focus on the ‘vital few’ and the importance of setting high quality measurable goals for my management team and myself. I am now able to identify and delegate the time consuming trivial items that arise on a daily basis, so I can focus on the important things in my life and my business.

Going forward, I will be working with MAP to construct a strategic plan to get my company to the level I am confident is attainable. My partner and office manager just returned from their MAP workshops and are as equally energized as me. We anxiously look forward to implementing the program for its maximum impact.

If you are displaying similar skepticism about MAP, I’d be happy to discuss in detail my experience.

Marc Darrow, MD, JD, QME
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Qualified Medical Examiner
Joint Rehabilitation & Sports Medical Center, Inc.