In June 2013, I was sitting in my office thinking about my past 28 years of being in the ready-mix and quarry business.

I began this adventure at the age of 27 with no formal education. I only knew that hard work and drive would allow me to survive my first year. So, I spent the next 28 years trying to survive each year.

There were many major setbacks due to my lack of self-direction and guidance. The obstacles were numerous such as, but most definitely not limited to, self-management, management, indifference and complacency.

As I asked myself why I was at a standstill, a friend called and told me about the MAP System and his MAP Senior Consultant. I decided to give it a try not fully knowing what to expect.

From the moment I sat down to the final day of the MAP workshop, I finally came to face the reality of my shortcomings as the leader of my company. My employees felt a lack of direction, leadership and concern as to what the future had in store for them.

It has been over 3 ½ years since this eye-opening experience. We have grown in more ways than just increased revenue, profits and efficiencies. Just as important, through the guidance of our MAP Senior Consultant and the MAP System, we have grown more so as employees, family, and individuals. As the owner of this company, I have personally seen these positive changes.

Thank you! You have motivated us all!

Tony Mullen
MTI Ready Mix