I just wanted to let you know my appreciation for the important role that MAP has played in our company’s growth during the last two and a half years.

It is amazing to know MAP has so many proven systems and tools to assist it’s clients in achieving the next level. At Pacific Castle, we have seen the effectiveness of MAP services since April, 2004. During this time, our revenues and net operating income have increased by 60% and 81% respectively.

The benefits of the “MAP System” to clients are too numerous to pin to just one point or two. In my opinion, one of the key elements of the MAP tools is the Senior Consultant’s exceptional ability to communicate effectively to my team members. He is able to entice us to raise our standards; at the same time, demanding self-accountability in a non-threatening way. The “Goals and Controls” tools forces us to focus our mind on the pre-planned future and to re-evaluate our progress constantly. Too often, we are so consumed with every day details; we forgot where we are heading.

As part of the natural results of the “MAP System” implementation, the underperforming employees felt the pressure themselves and left the company. And the good employees actually feel energized by the MAP process. The quality of our team members has improved tremendously.

It is my belief that the biggest benefit has not arrived. After undergoing the MAP training sessions for the last 29 months, our team is like a well conditioned and trainined long distance runner ready to take on the biggest marathon in his life. Everyone on the team is ready and eagerly anticipates any potential opportunities.

Wayne Cheng
Pacific Castle