I heard about the MAP process several years ago but never took any action into implementing it into our program at SHG. Then a good friend of mine met you and applied it into his business and it has been a huge success. That is when I decided if it works for him then we must introduce it to our team.

About a year ago we started meeting with you on a monthly basis. I believe that one of the many take-aways that we learn from are your stories and life experiences that you have shared with us. Hearing them and applying them to our situations is educational and inspiring for the success of our team. Thank you for those.

Implementing the MAP program has helped us get off 1st base on many of the important tasks that are necessary for the growth of the company. Going through the “Vital Factors” with the team, implementing “Goals and Controls” and utilizing “Team Consult” has opened the eyes of several of the VFT members. “Yes, these are important and we need to act on them.” You have helped guide us through the discussions of which vital factors are important to us and which are not. This has eliminated wasted time and resources that has helped our company grow very quickly out of this recession.

Implementing the process is not easy, in part because change is difficult. You have helped guide us in the right direction in pushing through the implementation of the process. Without your leadership, devotion and patience we would still be on 1st base with some of those tasks that needed to be fulfilled and executed.

Your approach has literally changed the lives of a few members of our VFT in a way that is beyond words and I thank you for that.

You are an inspiration to our company. You are a great coach, mentor and a friend who has brought accountability and structure to our firm. We look forward to many years of success with your guidance and wisdom.

Kenneth M. Hanifan, PE, LEED AP
Slater Hanifan Group