As you know, I have been with Sunset since 1993 and have literally grown up with our business. I began, as many of us do, with a can do attitude, strong work ethic and no leadership or management experience. As I worked through the years I began to manage people and a larger book of business.

It was at this time, that I really began to look for ideas and tools to help me evolve as a manager and a leader. Two of the most effective things that I have experienced involving management and leadership are reading “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey and going through the MAP workshop in 1999.

The MAP workshop opened my eyes to my natural tendencies and how I could more effectively relate with those around me. I will never forget our workshop leader’s definition of management, “getting things done through others and having them like it.” This philosophy has stuck with me through the years. I also greatly benefited from the MAP structure of goals and controls, time management and team consulting. We still use the goals and controls ideas and structure in running our business 10 years later and have more than doubled in sales and tripled our bottom line. We have described ourselves as a lifestyle business, so you could only imagine what we could have done if we were looking for fast growth.

Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to send our top leaders through the MAP workshop and every single time, the individual has come back from the workshop and made an economic impact on our business. The MAP program works and has stood the test of time.

Thank you for being there for our business through the years. It has really made a difference professionally for the individuals that have gone through the workshop and to the bottom line of our company. I recommend the MAP program to any business leader looking to improve their business and the performance of the people in it.

Kynn Knight
Executive Vice President
Sunset Parking Service, LLC