WisdomEdge adopted the MAP Vital Factors System right out of the gate. As a startup and a new partnership in a demanding marketplace, we knew we needed to grow quickly and avoid typical startup mistakes. By engaging with MAP early, we defined our Vital Factors for year one and refined them moving into year two. We learned how critical the focus on our Vital Factors is to our success, and as a result we now have a Salesforce Dashboard specifically for tracking these factors real-time to monitor daily. This process has allowed us to make adjustments quickly as we continue our acceleration.

The monthly meetings have become a welcome review for our leadership team. Each member takes their own Goals & Controls seriously and is eager to hear from other members. The group collaboration on the prior months successes and obstacles always proves fruitful and constructive to defining Goals & Controls for the following month. The closing Team Consult is a favorite among the team and ends each session on a positive, enthusiastic note.

Our MAP Senior Consultant has been instrumental in helping us identify and clarify our Vital Factors. In addition to providing wisdom on many subjects such as staffing and client management, her experience and perspective to support our continued growth has been invaluable.

Amy Murray