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When Warren Jolly launched Affiliate Media, Inc., in 2006, he was just 22 years old. He was a young entrepreneur, no doubt, but Jolly had a solid vision for his Orange County-based online media company, which specializes in pay-for-performance (a.k.a. affiliate) marketing. He brought a wealth of industry knowledge to the table, and this skill, in addition to his drive to succeed, played a significant role in getting Affiliate Media off the ground and running.

From the start, Jolly recognized the need for business growth and was determined to take the smartest approach to ensure expansion and profitability. However, how to navigate this course was a bit unclear. Jolly had little experience in management and personnel, but he knew that he wanted to be an effective leader, on-board the right people, and excel in management. Being a hands-on, committed CEO was his goal, but like most new leaders, he struggled a bit with how to properly structure the company so that he could focus on strategy and growth. Hiring the key people, those whom he could trust and hold accountable, would enable him to delegate more responsibility and better maximize his own time and talents.


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Warren Jolly

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$20 Million in Annual Sales

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In May 2007, Jolly heard about how MAP helped another business and decided to explore the program by attending MAP’s 2.5-day executive development workshops in Newport Beach. Joining Jolly for this workshop was his VP of Business Development, Wade Schlosser. Together, the two quickly recognized the value MAP could bring to Affiliate Media, and decided to implement the program to create a customized business-management system.

Jolly enlisted the services of one of MAP’s top business coaches to help Affiliate Media start building an effective management team and staff. MAP also helped them set up a proper strategy for growth, organizational alignment, and the goals and measurements necessary for achievement. Vital Factor Team meetings, held monthly with the management team, instilled newfound accountability among the leadership team. These meetings became crucial opportunities for communication, monitoring progress, and regularly establishing new benchmarks for success. As accountability among staff developed, Jolly saw concrete results in terms of business growth and improvement. Jolly’s personal leadership skills also sharpened. With the right people on board, a culture of trust and dependability blossomed at Affiliate Media, making it easy for the CEO to delegate responsibilities and focus on growing his business.


Thanks to Jolly’s leadership, a highly competent managerial team, and a hard-working staff, Affiliate Media now serves over 200 clients worldwide and has experienced over 1,000 percent growth since its 2006 debut. What’s more, in just the past two years, the company has undergone a 1,500 percent increase in personnel to maintain the company’s rapid growth. MAP’s coaching has played a direct role in providing a customized, systematic approach to management, which has enabled Affiliate Media to remain focused on goals, measurements and results during this intense, yet exciting time of expansion. The MAP approach – tailored exclusively for Affiliate Media’s unique needs – has empowered Jolly and his management team with the tools and resources necessary for a solid business structure. Today, Affiliate Media continues to rely on this approach, as well as MAP’s customized coaching, to keep its pulse on the health of the business.


1996: J.L. Patterson’s president, Jacqueline Patterson attends first MAP workshop and starts working with MAP’s consultant, John Carroll.

1997: In its first year of working with MAP, J.L. Patterson achieves 40 percent growth.

2003: J.L. Patterson revisits and amends strategic plan with first MAP consultant, and increases both billings and staff.

2006: MAP coach Steve Behunin takes over as JLP’s personal consultant.

2009: J.L. Patterson revisits and amends strategic plan with Behunin, and increases both billings and staff.

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