MAP Client Spotlight – 2020 Presidential Award Winner Reveel

Josh Dunham and Chad Beville met at their post-college jobs selling DHL. Both were baffled by the discrepancies in rates and discounts offered to their customers, and soon came to understand that there was really no rhyme or reason as to what was being charged. This led them to take the entrepreneurial path and co-found Reveel – a shipping intelligence platform that levels the playing field for shippers and brings transparency to the shipping industry.

In a conversation with co-founder Josh Dunham, he discusses the pivots the company has taken and what has kept them in growth mode.

Q: What changes did the pandemic bring about for Reveel?

A: Obviously, more organizations were shipping products through the pandemic, which increased our revenue by about 30%. Our challenge was that our growth strategy has historically been sales-led, relying on many outside sales people… and that came to a screeching halt. Even though revenue went up and expenses went down, new sales plummeted, causing a drastic disruption. We now have a plan in place to catch up and are realistic that it may take until 2023.

Q: Why did you start working with MAP?

A: All the sudden we were a global organization. Our growth was rapid and we were experiencing issues in alignment and communication that we knew we needed to get a handle on. MAP was exactly what we needed. Monthly Vital Factor Team Meetings happen throughout the entire organization – our offshore team members are also following the MAP process and using MAP language. This has created a true culture of accountability that is embedded in our entire organization and within each team member.

What we do for our clients – filtering out the noise and focusing on what’s vital in terms of shipping – is what MAP does for their clients. They provide the necessary focus, alignment and accountability to keep the business growing.  

Q: What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs?

A: Know your core values and cascade them throughout the organization. One of our main core values is perseverance, which is necessary for any entrepreneur/entrepreneur-led company. ​​

Have a process for the business, don’t shy away from accountability and focus on what’s vital. This ensures everyone is marching in the same direction, and when the path is clearly communicated, each team member’s personal “why” lends itself to the company “why.”  


​ The Disciplined Leader

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