Three Ways to Keep Your Employees Motivated This Summer

3 Ways to Keep Your Employees Motivated This SummerIt can be hard for even the most motivated employees to stay focused on work throughout the summer months. Who can blame them? Lots of people are taking vacations, and it can be a downright struggle for people to stay focused. Planning monthly, weekly or even daily activities give people something to look forward to, particularly if they’re usually stuck behind a desk as the summer days tick by. Develop an assortment of events—even surprises—to keep summer exciting, spirits high, and your employees motivated and more productive. To ignite more engagement and team-building, consider activities that promote collaboration or interactivity.

Here are some suggestions to get your wheels turning:

1. Hold Weekly Activities

Set aside one week over the summer where every day employees take some type of break activity. For example, Monday could be a get-to-know you better meeting that includes an ice-breaker whereby everyone learns something new and interesting about fellow co-workers. Tuesday, engage employees through some type of problem solving exercise. Wednesday, bring in an outside speaker who motivates the group. Thursday, hit a ropes course or climbing wall near you and work on relationship building and trust. Friday, host a barbecue and draw people together for conversation and camaraderie.

2. Plan Outdoor Events

These events are not that hard to plan but can have a big ROI because they improve teamwork and boost morale. Get input from employees and get them involved in planning the event. Maybe it’s an evening baseball game or a dinner at a local restaurant. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Wow and reward your people. The effort will tell your employees they are appreciated.

3. Do Daily Doses Of Different

If you’ve got the resources to do it, shake up workplace routines, breathing some element of surprise and spontaneity into workplace doldrums with daily doses of something different and exciting. One place you might turn to for inspiration is National Day Calendar™, which provides daily calendars outlining everything from National Creative Ice Cream Day to National Simplicity Day, National Get to Know Your Customers Day, and more. Take a look at some of these national days and let them spark your imagination. You could also do regular employee spotlights, highlighting staff members for doing something good. Emailing out daily inspirational quotes or encouraging people to speak up and share a daily gratitude can also be incorporated as a way to keep such a summer program going and attitudes and enthusiasm up.

What kinds of fun motivational activities have you done for your people?


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