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The Challenge

Since 1985, Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) has been the outsourced IT service provider for Orange County Government in Southern California. During that time, ACS performed well in regard to its contractual obligations. However, over the years, communication started to suffer, specifically because each department was operating in a "silo" or isolated fashion. Without effective, open lines of communication, it became increasingly tough to resolve issues that inevitably surfaced. Tougher yet, was identifying key issues, let alone which departments or management team needed to be tackling them. Consequently, both ACS and county staff increasingly spent precious time and resources solving the "crisis of the day." They devoted more effort to heroically "fighting fires," instead of performing the operations and services they were originally hired to do. Meanwhile, the goals and activities were not necessarily aligned, and both customer satisfaction and productivity suffered.

The Solution

In September of 2009, ACS officially decided to make a big change in how it managed its operations for Orange County Government. It took the proactive step to hire on a senior consultant for MAP to implement the MAP Management SystemTM. This highly structured system instituted monthly Vital Factors® meetings, which immediately provided an opportunity for both county and ACS employees to facilitate communication. With the consultant's coaching, the two groups also used the Vital Factors® System to establish goals and controls, create a methodology for accountability through performance reviews, and inspire both individual and team success. Working together on a more regular basis supported by this unique methodology created fresh alignment and busted the silo mentality previously practiced among the departments. A more candid workplace culture started to foster greater opportunities for issue resolution. Those representing both the government and ACS teams began to feel comfortable in raising and addressing challenges as a team, as well as offering goal-oriented solutions to address the issues at hand. 

The Results

With the help of MAP's highly customized coaching and its unique management system, ACS and Orange County Government have worked together quickly and efficiently to achieve dramatic results. The silo system of management is now non-existent, and healthy communication unites all the departments and is an integral part of every policy, process and procedure. No longer are issues unidentified, nor do they go unresolved. Key initiatives are always achieved, while crucial performance metrics have shown 100 percent improvement in turnaround time for a service request, dramatically reducing average resolution of an incident ticket down from five days to one. In a one-year snapshot, both infrastructure and e-mail systems were up and available for use 99.99 percent of the time. Finally, customer satisfaction improved to a measured score of 3.6, a 15 percent increase, resulting in ACS achieving 100 percent of their performance-incentive award based on contract goals. With greater alignment and a smooth, results-driven management system that's delivering tangible benefits, Orange County and ACS have transformed its efficiencies for the better, positioning itself for long-term success.

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Client: ACS


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