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When James and Jill Collier launched their United States business in January 2000, after successfully starting 30 SECONDS® Cleaners in the Australasian market, they had a solid foundation in their back pocket. For starters, the couple had a winning family recipe with their 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner formula, originally developed by Jill’s father, Al Goetz, in the U.S., back in 1977. Based out of Troutdale, Ore., the Colliers began selling the brand under COLLIER Manufacturing, LLC, with James as the CEO and Jill as the CFO. In year one, their product was in a couple hundred stores, growing steadily, thanks to solid work ethics, a commitment to their values, and partners like Fred Meyer, Ace Hardware, True Value, Bi-Mart, McLendon Hardware and other Northwest retailers. As time rolled on, however, they became bigger industry players, reaching a decision point in 2014: to sell, stagnate or grow? The Colliers chose to grow but questioned “How?” Like many family-owned businesses, it had lacked a business plan, official structure and accountability since inception. Smart growth demanded all of the above…and more. Hard-working, transparent and fiscally responsible, Jill and James also knew their own leadership could improve, recognizing the need to work “on the business, not in the business.”


The Colliers heard about the MAP Management System® and signed up for its 2.5-day workshop with MAP Senior Consultant Steve Behunin. James attended the workshop, thinking he’d just observe at first. But he—and soon Jill—instantly clicked with Steve, given the consultant’s background in the bottled water industry. They also felt immediately drawn to the discipline and accountability offered by MAP. Steve began coaching the team at COLLIER Mfg., bringing structure around leveraging growth, management and leadership. Through annual planning and bi-monthly Vital Factor Team Meetings with Steve, the Collier Team created goals and controls around strategic business planning and execution, with a focus on expansion, smart hiring, staff development, stronger messaging, proactive product development, sales and distribution. As for not working in the business, but on the business? Steve coached James and Jill in hiring excellent sales, operations and financial professionals who could take on prior aspects of their roles. This empowered the couple to become more efficient and confident, so they could shift more resources to their vision of growth, scouting out and securing a new manufacturing warehouse in Manchester, Tenn., plus the A-players to run it.


After embracing the MAP System, COLLIER Mfg.’s sales exceeded goals, soaring a whopping 700% in five years. During this same timeframe, they expanded from 6 to 34 employees and evolved into a recognized national brand. Today, Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, Tractor Supply plus Amazon, among other major national retailers, carry their products. And all this is done without a frenzied, frenetic approach, thanks to the Colliers’ discipline in applying the MAP System and embracing that proven structure. Of note, COLLIER Mfg., an essential (cleaning) business, faced demand to demonstrate excellence and hit goals in light of COVID-19, all of which they’ve accomplished because, as with other aspects of their company, they’ve successfully executed the MAP System, staying focused on what’s vital. For them, using this structure and having the right people on board, aligned around their accountability system, has made the difference. Today, the Colliers aren’t just empowering this family business to record success. They’re consistently honoring their people with professional development, great benefits and meaningful rewards that pay tribute to the many individual and collective successes.


​ The Disciplined Leader

What do the best leaders have in common? The answer is one word: Discipline. A disciplined leader is one who identifies and focuses on the Vital Few: the 20% of activities that will drive 80% of the results. Learn More

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