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When Nayan Patel signed up for a business-planning course in March 2010, he already had a company with products and services that “worked,” according to his instructor, a business, marketing and sales expert who’s known nationwide as “Dr. Revenue.” Fueled in part by incredible demand for its compounding services and products, as well as a top-notch, service-oriented staff, Central Drugs Compounding Pharmacy had quickly become a premium leader in its industry. Yet despite the business’ track record for success, Nayan — who is one of three brothers who still owns and operates the business today — had a gut feeling that Central Drugs needed a more strategic roadmap for the company’s future. He was running Central Drugs reactively, without any blueprints or clearly defined goals. It was exhausting maintaining business in this fashion, and Nayan knew it wasn’t sustainable, particularly if their niche market were to ever “go soft.” Getting that business plan completed was a critical first step in the right direction. But once that was done, Nayan needed coaching on its execution and a system for its implementation, and so he turned to Dr. Revenue for advice.


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The answer was simple, according to Dr. Revenue, who has been recommending clients to and working in tandem with the MAP Management System™ for years. Nayan needed help putting his plan into action. So he immediately signed up for MAP’s 2.5-day executive workshop and became a client of Lee Froschheiser, who at the time was a senior consultant and MAP’s current CEO/president. Soon thereafter, Central Drugs started a transformative process that established goals and controls through the Vital Factors® System — a methodology that measures company health by inspiring and maintaining individual and team accountability. MAP coached both the leadership and staff at Central Drugs to focus on the “vital few” instead of the “trivial many,” so that critical goals could be achieved and the seeds of sustainable success could take root. Nayan worked hard at shifting his leadership style to become a more proactive, planning sort of manager, while staff started taking on more problem-solving for themselves, always concentrating on the vital goals and controls they had set both individually and as a team. Interestingly, in identifying key company objectives, Nayan and his brothers discovered the need for more aggressive sales and marketing. Froschheiser recommended they contract the expertise of Dr. Revenue, whose specialty, among other things, is writing and delivering clients with highly customized, strategic sales and marketing plans in an incredibly speedy timeframe. By December of 2011, Central Drugs had that personalized plan in hand. And now MAP has taken Dr. Revenue’s sales and marketing plan and worked with both him and Central Drugs to create a very specific, Vital Factors Sales and Marketing System that strengthens the company’s broader business plan. Vital Factor team meetings are currently driving its implementation.


When Nayan talks about his company today, he says MAP and the coordinated efforts of Dr. Revenue have made a big difference. Notably, the leadership and staff have bought into a system that’s generated greater alignment, inspiration and motivation throughout Central Drugs. Employee morale is stronger, and the entire workplace culture is healthier with everyone committed to goals and controls that they’ve set, own and appreciate. What’s more, Nayan has had a great lesson on what having a solid plan — and a system of accountability to implement it — can do for business management. He’s also become a more relaxed, productive leader who has evolved to trust in the power and possibilities of a great roadmap, backed by disciplined execution. More exciting, as the leadership at Central Drugs continues to plan for future growth, Nayan and his brothers are more confident than ever about their ability to use the tools and resources they have organized to achieve their goals. They are delighted by the direction that was recommended by Dr. Revenue’s definitive sales and marketing plan. And they’re equally thrilled that MAP’s sure-fire management system, which is backed by Vital Factors team meetings, is already implementing that plan and netting big results. Today, Central Drugs is rock solid, Nayan says. It’s stable, secure and able to sustain any challenges that might surface, and those distinctive attributes will help drive this company’s ability to achieve and even exceed its potential in the years to come.​