Corporate Services, LLC

Corporate Services, LLC of Baton Rouge, LA is the type of company that other businesses often go to when they’re showing signs of being out of control. Seeking out software to manage tools and assets, company heads look to Michael Saint for help. As the CEO/President of Corporate Services – which specializes in rental software solutions for those in the equipment and oilfield rental industries – Saint and his team come to the rescue, put their technology to work, and restore calm to what could have otherwise been a stormy company forecast.

Founded in 1993, Corporate Services excelled in this niche field, so much so that Saint realized that his business was bound to grow. But how to grow smartly, and manage this change, was the big question. For Saint and the others who had helped jumpstart the company, spinning out of control just wasn’t an option.


Orange, CA

Michael Saint

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The MAP Management System

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$20 Million in Annual Sales

Increased Staffing


At first, Saint looked for help from another successful entrepreneur, someone who had impressively advanced his company. But that colleague told Saint, “You don’t need me, you need MAP.” So Saint took the initiative to hire MAP, at which point they sent a consultant, who, according to Saint, made the company “get its act together.” What’s more, this consultant became more of a “partner” in the business. Even though the MAP consultant had no knowledge in Corporate Services’ industry, he provided valuable guidance and expertise that far exceed the expectations of a typical consultant’s role. When big issues were on the table, Saint learned to deeply value and even ask for the advice.

What’s more, regular Vital Factor meetings with this MAP consultant quickly established accountability for results. This produced crucial dialogue among the team and opened the gateway to solving problems, setting new goals and achieving them. But it was the MAP system as a whole that created a fresh approach to communication within the company and among all its team players. With MAP’s support, everyone was on the same track, understood each other and worked much more efficiently.


Without MAP as partner, Corporate Services experienced an average of 20-30 percent annual growth. But after one year of having MAP aboard, Corporate Services worked like a well-oiled machine and produced a track record of 40 percent revenue growth. New employees are now indoctrinated under the efficient MAP system and productivity has soared, saving Corporate Services over $150,000 a year. More recently, with the economic downturn, the company has noted that new business has been hard to come by. However, MAP has encouraged Corporate Services to focus on cultivating current client relationships – a strategy that is really working. Through February 2009, Corporate Services was an impressive 41 percent ahead of its numbers from one year ago.