The MAP App

Accelerate Focus and Alignment With a Proven Accountability System

Goal Setting Simplified

During most meetings, important goals are identified that are vital for individuals or teams to complete. The MAP App allows team members to quickly capture those goals in real time, improving everyone’s focus and alignment.

Goal Updates in Minutes

The most important goals can get lost in the daily shuffle. With the MAP App, team members update the status of their monthly goals in a matter of minutes, keeping their manager and team members properly informed.

Real Time Follow-Up

Once goals have been updated by team members, managers can follow-up via the chat feature within the app. These focused conversations allow managers to get additional information to help team members achieve their goals.

All Your Goals in One Place

Leaders with large teams or members of multiple teams can easily lose sight of goals. When visibility is lost, accountability and goal completion are at risk. With the MAP App, the entire team’s goals live in one place – for all to see – in an easy-to-read and navigate dashboard.

Save Time & Money

Incomplete goals are frustrating for leaders and teams, and can often result in added resources and investment to get back on track. Holding every team member accountable and managing performance on a weekly and monthly basis drives engagement and profitability.