MAP University

The overall vision of MAP University (“MAP U”) is to provide continuous, on demand access to the accountability-driving MAP Management System and to help our clients accelerate individual and team growth with customized progressions through MAP’s customized tools.

24/7 Access

Job #1 for our clients is to work in and on their businesses, MAP U is open around the clock.  Designed primarily for self-learning, the content can be complemented by in-person facilitation, coaching and leadership to best meets clients’ needs.

Design Your Track

True to a university theme, MAP U offers various coursework, “major” and “degree” programs that build from foundational concepts to in-depth application of management and leadership best practices – all designed to create and sustain accountability cultures.

Meet Immediate Needs

MAP U also provides an option for individual learners (or teams) to subscribe to a single MAP U course.  For example, if a newly promoted manager needs to learn how to adapt his/her communications style to meet the needs of diverse stakeholders, MAP U has a course for that!

Fast-Paced & Fun

Unlike most online coursework for management and leadership development MAP U is highly interactive, including dynamic MAP checklists, an “Ask My Coach” button, Vital Learnings, Take Action Tip Sheets, comprehension quizzes and more – and is suitable for learners at all levels of management.

MAP U courses average 30 minutes in duration. Badges and certificates are earned upon successful completion.

Rapid-growth Mode

Courses are currently under development. We are committed to meeting clients’ needs and we’re prioritizing course publication in response to expressed interests in breakthrough accountability solutions.