I have been in sales for 20 years and been to at least a dozen sales seminars. After the first four they all seemed to contain the same material. I formed a sales program for Home Depot in home sales service by cutting and pasting from all the training I had. When my boss signed me up for Integrity Selling, I was worried that it was a lot of money to hear something I already thought I knew. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

It was not that I heard new actions or ways of doing things or how to build rapport; it was how to take my style, knowledge, and experience and streamline it. AIDINC is a great tool that I can use to put my sales process in order. I can now express where I am in the sales process to myself as well as management.

I am able to identify my audience and potential clients into one of four categories and sharpen my sales approach to meet their exact needs. Instead of fishing for what attracts them I have a greater, deeper perception of what it is their personality is attracted to. I want to master identifying what behavior style they are and then work my communication strategies to a perfect science. I am excited to have learned something I can take with me wherever I may work.

Jason Pennington
Project Manager
Pierre Landscape