Mountain Valley Express

Since 1976, Mountain Valley Express (MVE), a California-based freight company, has been delivering high-quality overnight and second-day services to companies big and small. MVE has always been profitable and successful, setting it apart from many competitors, which, over the past few decades, have lost ground in the tough and challenging trucking industry. More recently, greater government regulations, combined with the recession’s economic impact, have put some of the country’s long-time industry leaders out of business.

Needless to say, survival in the trucking industry has become near incredulous, which is why long before the recession kicked into gear and regulations got so tight, MVE took the initiative to recognize a key weakness in its operations and management. Earlier, MVE ran things in a “business as usual” style; improvements were made only when there was an immediate need. So in the early 1990s, as several of the company’s top senior staff started retiring, greater attention was given to the company climate and culture, and how a new era of MVE leaders would usher in sustainable growth and profitability. The consensus: MVE was lacking a highly specific business management approach. Such a system would be paramount to not only MVE’s survival, but also its ability to drive long-term success.


Orange, CA

MVE's top management

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The MAP Management System

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$20 Million in Annual Sales

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In 2002, MVE’s future president at the time, attended MAP’s 2.5-day program in Napa, CA. A senior consultant with MAP led the workshop, which immediately inspired the MVE leader to adopt MAP’s methodology and send other senior staff to MAP’s workshop as well. After attending the MAP Program, MVE’s new, top management carefully implemented MAP’s ideology, revolutionizing the way this trucking organization conducted both internal and external business operations. It also delegated integration of the MAP Management SystemTM to the company’s vice president. Under his direction, the new management approach soon became so ingrained in MVE’s company culture, it became easy to complete even the largest, most complicated projects in a timely, organized manner. MVE also tackled the tough challenge of achieving their profitability goals supported by needed cost reductions in the business. No matter how complex the issue, MVE used the MAP SystemTM to achieve results in the best possible way. MAP’s tools proved invaluable in carrying out effective decision-making, communication, goal-setting and accountability.


With MAP’s principles at work, as well as the skills, commitment and passion of a highly disciplined staff, MVE has developed into a profitable, yet progressive company. Today, MAP strategies reach deep into all aspects of the business, creating organizational alignment and company-wide success. Evidence of this is clear simply by a glance at the books – annual profit margins have been consistently ranging between 5-8 percent, even as MVE has been paying out company shares to its deserving retirees. Revenue is up 27 percent in mid-2010, an incredible feat considering that in 2009, MVE pulled through the trucking industry’s toughest year on record. By sticking to MAP principles, MVE managed to break even during the hard financial times and even open a second, major location in Phoenix, AZ. This and other big feats, such as the organization’s strategic measures to “Go Green” in the trucking industry, have proved monumental for MVE. And perhaps that’s why this company is a consistent award winner, generating recognition from major trucking, environmental, traffic and safety regulatory agencies. Not simply a company that “just keeps on truckin’,” MVE drives it mission with purpose, pushing the boundaries of excellence and redefining what business means for all who work within its challenged industry.