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On paper, Superior Press of Santa Fe Springs, CA, is one impressive business. INC Magazine ranked this custom financial printing company as one of the top 5,000 fastest growing companies in 2009. Since 1998 – the year its current president/CEO Robert Traut acquired the business – Superior Press has experienced double-digit growth. It’s also been given a superior rating by Dun & Bradstreet in financial strength and for prompt payments. Clearly this company has found the secret to success, and, in fact, it’s always been grounded in solid business practices and financially strong. Yet like many of today’s most highly regarded companies, Superior Press has faced some growth-centric challenges, specifically related to communication among executive staff, team problem solving, and developing a strategic system for holding or increasing profit margins. At one point in particular, Superior Press needed a more effective business management system to help its leaders and employees embrace and navigate change with greater confidence.


Orange, CA

Robert Traut

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$20 Million in Annual Sales

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When several specific issues raised concerns with upper management, Traut knew he had to do something to bring additional structure and objectivity to the management approach. He needed a proven method, and found the solution in September 2008, when he attended MAP’s 2.5-day, executive development workshop in Newport Beach, CA Traut was so impressed with the MAP System, he signed up Superior Press’ entire executive team to attend the program as well. He also enlisted the help of one of MAP’s top coaches. The coach’s experience and skills quickly brought a crucial objectivity to the table and established a safe forum in which everyone could communicate. MAP’s coach also implemented MAP’s Vital Factors, a proven, systematic way to measure and understand the company’s health. The coaching enabled more productive discussions, team problem solving, proactive goal setting, staff accountability and a method for employee recognition.


With the MAP System in place, Superior Press has quickly reached increasing levels of success – even in a shaky economy and an industry that’s been hammered by the downturn. There’s a fresh transparency among all departments as well as the executive staff. Communication and relationships are stronger among all at Superior Press, helping its team members appreciate each other’s various roles and schedules. Consequently, Superior Press has solidified what was already a very unique, impressive company culture. More so than ever, it’s extremely focused, cohesive, supportive and goal-oriented.

What’s more, MAP’s regular coaching at executive meetings has strengthened that culture by creating credibility and respect for the MAP System. Personal and company objectives are crystal clear and the team is focused, resulting in Superior Press achieving a seven percent boost in revenue growth for 2009 and tracking 10 percent growth for 2010. Consensus and creativity are at an all-time high, enabling ongoing cost-cutting opportunities. In 2009, the company saved nearly $320,000, and avoided borrowing from its cash line. Since it’s undeniable that in tough financial times, saving money and not borrowing means a lot. But making money, boosting profits and revenues, means even more. Considering all this, it’s no doubt that Superior Press looks great on paper. But it’s the story behind the facts and figures – one of decisive leadership that’s bolstered by MAP’s proven Management SystemTM – that’s making the headlines and this company’s success.