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Dennis Bishop isn’t a “controlling” type of business leader. But like many other successful company presidents and CEOs, he’s a perfectionist when it comes to running his award-winning business. Bishop heads up WPX Delivery Solutions, an Auburn, Wash.-based powerhouse that performs over 2 million package deliveries annually within the western United States, from Alaska to California. In the autumn of 2006, a time when the company was expanding fairly rapidly, Bishop realized that if WPX was going to thrive, he needed to make some big changes. At that time, Bishop and the senior WPX staff had fallen into a more reactive, rather than proactive management style. In addition, Bishop says he was wearing too many hats, doing everything from consulting to handling the financing and running the sales team. Intuitively, Bishop and his top managers knew that something wasn’t right, but no one could put their finger on the specific issues undermining the company’s true potential. Also, the staff had been exposed to multiple management theories, and no one could quite decide on the best approach to take.


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That very fall, Bishop attended a conference at which MAP’s former CEO, Lee Froschheiser, was speaking and promoting MAP’s new book, “Vital Factors – The Secret To Transforming Your Business and Your Life.” On the airplane ride home, Bishop read this book, which made him realize he wasn’t alone in regard to his company’s challenges. What’s more, the book’s case studies helped him pinpoint what WPX needed most: a proven, personalized management system. So in November of 2007, Bishop attended MAP’s 2.5-day executive development workshop in Phoenix and then enlisted the expertise of a top MAP coach. Bishop also began using MAP’s customized tools and implemented the Vital Factors® System within his business. WPX adopted MAP’s philosophy and fundamental concepts, specifically a commitment to accountability, communication, effective decision-making and problem-solving. With a now unified, structured approach to goal-setting, a culture of transparency developed. It was clear who was or wasn’t meeting goals, and appropriate corrective actions were taken. Bishop and his senior management also realized that having the right staff was critical. WPX began on-boarding more “A” players, and learned how to spot and remove the wrong hires quickly.


Having the right people in the right jobs soon enabled Bishop to delegate more confidently and let go of some of his control. Greater delegation made better use of not only Bishop’s time but also everyone’s workday. Company morale improved, making the workplace environment a healthier, happier one. In addition, with the consistent coaching provided by MAP’s consultant and Bishop’s ardent commitment to ensure his company’s success, the entire staff at WPX became much more focused and driven. From the communication to goal-setting and tracking results, the WPX purpose became crystal clear. This provided opportunities to boost efficiencies and grow the business effectively and strategically. With the MAP system in place, WPX experienced a 200% bottom-line improvement over a three-year period, plus it even managed to build and diversify its account base. But without MAP, Bishop says that number would have been more like a 35% improvement, which would have resulted in very different consequences for the company, particularly considering the tough economic times. Today, Bishop is still a self-proclaimed perfectionist, but with MAP’s support and a proven system in place, he’s a leader who manages with a productive, profitable approach to control.