Leading by Listening


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With increasingly high volumes of information flowing through multiple channels, everyone wants and needs to be better listener. Up your game by asking the right questions and paying attention to how messages are perceived. Become familiar with Active Listening as an essential leadership skill.

What You’ll Learn in Leading by Listening

Practice the secrets to effective communication, including setting goals, asking open-ended questions and paying attention to how messages appear and sound. Enhance your skills to make better connections.


You will:

  • Recognize that listening comes in many forms and that it’s a two-way street
  • Understand the importance of asking questions that advance discussion
  • Value the visuals and tone of a message as key to being “heard”
  • Be familiar enough with Active Listening to apply and improve this vital skill

Embark on a transformative journey to enhanced communications. Consider this course a gateway to more impactful interactions and influential leadership through better listening.


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