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Unlock the potential of your team and enhance your leadership skills with the MAP U 202 Breakthrough Communications with DiSC course. This course is meticulously designed to harness the power of DISC assessments, a proven methodology embraced by over 40 million professionals to foster productive workplace environments and effective communication strategies.

What You’ll Learn in Breakthrough Communications with DISC

This transformative course includes a comprehensive DISC assessment, equipping you with a personalized Behavioral Style Report. You’ll gain actionable insights into your communication preferences and learn how to recognize and adapt to the diverse behavioral styles in your workplace.


You will:

  • Understand advanced DISC concepts around natural styles and blends
  • Take ownership of your own style, and the ways you might adapt to be a more effective communicator or teammate
  • Observe and identify others’ behavioral styles, to predict how they’ll react to you

Embrace the opportunity to become an adept communicator with MAP U 202’s expert guidance on DISC. Add this course to your learning path or help your team embark on a journey to communication excellence.


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