The Delegation Differential


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As one advances in a career, delegation becomes increasingly important. Yet it’s hard to know what to delegate and even more difficult to let go. Delegation skills need to be acquired and cultivated.

What You’ll Learn in The Delegation Differential

Discover which tasks are suitable for delegation, how to select delegatees, how to successfully transfer tasks or projects and how to balance workloads to the benefit of all.


You will:

  • Understand the reasons why delegation is unnatural, and must be learned
  • Consider ways that you and your teammates typically resist delegation
  • Gain a good sense for the tasks, activities and projects that should be delegated
  • Know how to progress through the 4 stages of delegation

Embark on a journey to understand, embrace and practice proven delegation skills. Add this course to your learning path and discover the power of delegation as a leadership accelerant.


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