Mutual Value 1:1s


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Embark on a transformative journey to comprehend the pivotal role of one-on-one meetings in fostering meaningful connections. Considered the most important meetings that managers and leaders can have, 1:1s are proven conduits for strong professional relationships and business success.

What You’ll Learn in Mutual Value 1:1s

Immerse yourself in the profound significance of individual 1:1 meetings, explore a spectrum of tools applicable to your team dynamics, and formulate a plan enriched with best practices for cultivating impactful interactions.


You will:

  • Understand and be able to explain the reasons why 1:1 (one-on-one) meetings matter
  • Consider different forms and rhythms for 1:1 meetings as it relates to the important stakeholders in your circle
  • Explore 1:1 meeting best practices and develop a plan to apply these

Experience the rewards of well-crafted 1:1 meetings. Add this course to your cart and adopt a new approach to every vital discussion.


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