The Coaching Continuum


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Gain a solid understanding of where coaching fits in leadership, distinguishing it from training, development, and mentoring. Appreciate the importance of coaching as an ongoing process rooted in trust; one that’s essential for ongoing professional growth.

What You’ll Learn in The Coaching Continuum

All good leaders are also good coaches. This course, loaded with best practices and insights, unlocks how the two skill sets intersects and provides a developmental pathway toward good coaching habits.


You will:

  • Have a good sense for where coaching fits in the leadership skill set
  • Understand how coaching fosters a healthy environment for improvement
  • See coaching as an ongoing process at the core of leadership, with trust as the medium of exchange that permits improvement
  • Recognize the power of words to invite or shut down teamwork

Whether you’re a first-time leader or a veteran responsible to develop others, having a coaching mind-set is key. Add this transformative course to your cart and elevate your coaching skills, as well as those or your direct reports.


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