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    Learning and Development

    If You Want to Innovate, Pay Attention!

    Are you paying attention? If you want to know what the
    smartest, strongest businesses in your field are doing to innovate, you have to
    put some serious thought into how new technologies will affect your

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    Strategy and Execution

    The Secret to an Innovative Company

    Want to know one of the secrets of a truly innovative company? Communication!
    The faster and more clearly you communicate as a team, the faster you can change when you need to innovate and improve.

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    Get Focused, Stay Focused

    There’s a big difference between getting focused and staying focused. Understanding focus is strategy. Staying in focus is execution.

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    Employee Engagement

    The Real Walking Dead: Unengaged Employees

    Do you go in to work grudgingly, feeling under-engaged and unenthusiastic? Well, that’s a problem from the front-line to the CEO — and it’s one that you can keep from happening with just a few simple steps.

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    Employee Engagement

    Why Don't My Employees Know What's Important?

    ​Why Don't My Employees Know What's Important?.

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    Strategy and Execution

    Which Comes First: The Goal or the Strategy?

    Most business leaders don’t realize that, to be successful, strategy must come first. Creating a goal is a way to measure what you want to achieve. Strategy is about choices, trade-offs, and defining the unique value you are going to deliver.


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