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    Company Culture

    Focus on Culture (Not Financials) to Improve Your Talent Recruitment and Retention

    Many employers and employees mistakenly think money is the top factor is long-term job stability, and are surprised to learn that the main factor is cultural, not financial. Before opting for raises, first consider raising employee engagement instead.

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    Talent Management

    How Are You Building Loyalty with Millennial Team Members?

    Suspect you’ve got some millennials who already have one foot out the door? Here are three ways to cultivate greater loyalty and keep them working longer for you:

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    Leadership and Management

    3 Ways for CEOs to Lead with Gratitude

    What does the practice of gratitude mean to a leader in the business landscape? This holiday season, I challenge you to give yourself and others the simple gift of gratitude, creating new habits around the spirit of “thanks.”

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    Leadership and Management

    Do Your Employees Know What Is Expected of Them?

    Is your team frustrated because they have no blueprint for success? They might be clueless about what success looks like—the expectations for it have never been clearly outlined and communicated by their boss. Want to achieve greater results? Here are three areas when you need to set high expectations:

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    Leadership and Management

    Constructing Criticism

    A lot of people ask me, “As an executive leader, how do you create an environment where the people who ultimately report to you can look you in the eyes and criticize you for the sake of the business?”

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    Leadership and Management

    Doing a Gut-Check

    What’s the best way to transform yourself from hustling entrepreneur to foundational CEO? Being a founder of a company and working as a CEO take two very different skill sets, and having one doesn’t mean you’re good
    at both.


​ The Disciplined Leader

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