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    Set Achievable Goals

    A good rule of thumb is to be 80% confident that the goal can be accomplished. If you’re not that confident in its potential success rate, then that goal is...

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    Leadership and Management

    MAP Honors Nine Companies Achieving ‘Olympic Gold’ Business Success

    Key denominators to success: Disciplined leadership, empowered teams and company-wide alignment to Vital Factors® Goals.

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    Leadership and Management

    Use Effective Humor

    It puts people around you at ease, helps them get perspective, and reveals a less formal, more “human” side to you—all of which can enable more open lines of communication.

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    Address Ambiguous Responses

    When you hear people say things like, “I will try,” “I will do my best,” or “I am working on it,” be on high alert. These potentially evasive responses imply a lack of commitment...

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    Leadership and Management

    Find Your Free Time

    Overcommitting and over-scheduling oneself with must-do activities creates a dangerous trap into which leaders commonly fall. Suddenly, you realize you have no energy, no enthusiasm...

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    Employee Engagement

    Appreciate Employees—Effectively!

    The more effort you put forth, the more it shows that you understand your people, really know who they are, and truly value their hard work and contributions to your organization’s success.


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