Fast-track Fundamental Management and Leadership Learning

Bring leaders up to speed on key concepts and proven practices for immediate application.

MAP U 200

DISC is a Superpower!

This quick course helps those who are new to DISC behavioral style science understand and start tapping into its “superpowers”.

MAP U 201

Leading by Listening

Filled with easy-reference tools, this course includes a DISC assessment and produces individual Behavioral Style Reports for every learner.

MAP U 202

Breakthrough Communications With DISC

With increasingly high volumes of information flowing through multiple channels, everyone wants and needs to be a better listener.

MAP U 402


As a MAP-developed methodology at the core of team focus and collaboration, Goals and Controls accelerates accountability.

MAP U 501

Setting the Clock for Success

All leaders and managers struggle with time management yet need to master this skill set in order to advance in their careers.

MAP U 701

The Coaching Continuum

All good leaders are also good coaches. This course, loaded with best practices and insights, unlocks how the two skill sets intersect.

MAP U 603

Mutual Value 1:1s

Considered one of the most important meetings that managers and leaders can have, one-on-one meetings need to be conduits for growth and development.

MAP U 502

The Delegation Differential

As one advances in a career, delegation becomes increasingly important. Yet it’s hard to know what to delegate and even more difficult to let go.

MAP U 407

Actions for Accountability Leadership

Every leader wishes for their people to be accountable. This course changes the way we think about and approach accountability, providing a game-changing toolkit.

MAP U 302


Although well developed plans always lead to better outcomes, planning is often overlooked, short-changed or approached haphazardly.

MAP U 405

Million $ Solutions in 10 – Team Consulting

Explore MAP’s fast, effective and proven methodology to address issues, solve problems or vet new opportunities.

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